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Our course curriculum is an accelerated, Hybrid Massage Therapy Curriculum for those with a busy lifestyle and willing to put in the extra effort to join a growing profession. On-site campus classes encompass lessons from online, anchor them in with hands on learning – called a “blended classroom.” All massage therapy skills are learned onsite with highly qualified and licensed massage therapy instructors.

Online learning provides greater flexibility for the busy student.  Our Online segments are delivered on a state-of-the-art Learning Management System.

Program Details

Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork Diploma Program – 625 hours


The Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork Diploma Program is a blended entry level massage and bodywork program designed to support you in learning the fundamentals of massage therapy and how to apply them in a safe and supported environment.

The first 28 weeks are (2) 5-hour days or evenings per week and the last (4) weeks focus on your Clinical Internship and Individualized Massage and Bodywork Licensing Exam (MBlex) prep.

This program is considered a “blended classroom”. You will receive your lecture information in an online format along with discussion, assignments and tests.

This format allows us to utilize our time efficiently in the classroom with hands on learning.

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Blended Program Courses:

OTMA – Anatomy, Physiology & Human Disease for Massage Therapists - 115 hours (online)
This 115 hour course provides an overview of the anatomical structures and physiology of the human body. The course discusses each body system in terms of the major anatomical structures and functions and explains how each system participates in homeostasis of the body. In addition, the course discusses selected major pathologies, including disease definitions and causes, signs and symptoms, diagnostic procedures, and possible treatments. Finally, the course discusses common issues and changes that occur in each body system throughout the lifespan.
OTMT – Theory of Massage and Bodywork - 60 hours (online)
This 60 hour course provides an overview of the theoretical principles for common massage therapy systems and manual techniques. The course discusses the historical influences from a variety of cultures in order to best understand the massage therapy industry and profession today. In addition, the course overviews selected major cautions and contraindications for giving massage, as well as the effects and benefits of proper massage therapy treatments. The course prepares students with fundamental knowledge about sanitation, and creating an appropriate environment to perform massage therapy services with ethical and professional boundaries. The course also serves to introduce both the theoretical basis as well as the demonstration of fundamental manual techniques in the traditional discipline of Western Massage (i.e. Swedish massage), and the contemporary systems of Myofascial Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, and Reflexology.
OTMB – The Business and Ethics of Massage Therapy - 44 hours (online)

In conjunction with the other entry-level courses within this program, this course provides the foundational components to effectively interact in the marketplace as either an employed massage therapist working for a company; or a self-employed entrepreneur working for him/herself; and the many different opportunities in between. Ethics and professionalism is extremely important with any therapeutic practice and these topics focus on the real-world ethical challenges professionals’ face, providing clear rationales for ethical behavior. The content encourages introspection, conversation, critical thinking, and problem solving, and promotes meaningful conversation about ethical concepts and dilemmas.

This 44 hour course provides instruction the focuses on the basic knowledge and skills of business and professional development, including writing resumes, goal setting, self-care, and job interview comportment. Students will also have the knowledge and tools for basic entrepreneurship, including marketing for massage therapy. Finally, the course emphasizes utmost professionalism and ethical behavior.

OTMH – Kinesiology - The Study of Human Motion - 42 hours (online)
This 42 hour course provides students with the fundamental concepts and applications of kinesiology for massage practice. The class covers basic kinesiology principles as they apply to musculoskeletal anatomy and neuromuscular physiology. It emphasizes practical applications for hands-on practice, biomechanics applications for activities of daily living, and whole-body patterns in posture and gait. Students will practice applying kinesiology principles to therapeutic massage methods through a number of experiential exercises designed to keep the students engaged and help them learn through the body as well as the mind.
OTMK – Therapeutic Kinesiology - Musculoskeletal - 44 hours (online)
This 44 hour course offers a well-organized study of the bones, joints, and muscles, illustrated with beautiful full-color photographs, precise anatomical drawings, and clear mechanical drawings, and exciting interactive animations that allow the student to fully engage a 3-dimensional analysis of each major joint and muscle. These topics are presented in a specific order that reflects the Ida P. Rolf method for developing structural integrity of the myofascial systems in the body. Each topic includes palpation exercises to help you become comfortable with locating bony landmarks and exploring joint structures and motions, as well as learning the locations, actions, and trigger points of the muscles.
TMB101 – Bodywork Essentials/Swedish Massage - 40 hours (classroom)
This 40 hour, onsite course, supports and builds upon online Theory of Massage and Bodywork. where students will gain the knowledge and skills to proficiently perform Western massage techniques, joint movements, range of motion and regional applications. Students will learn to perform variations of techniques in the seven basic methods of Western massage: effleurage, petrissage, tapotement, friction, vibration, touch without movement and joint movement and be able to utilize these techniques to combine them into a general full body session. Also covered is introductory charting, contraindications, universal precautions, and body mechanics.
TMB102 – Muscle Palpation/Movement & Integration - 40 hours (classroom)
This 40 hour, onsite course, supports and builds upon our two online kinesiology classes. The focus of this 24 week class is on muscle identification, movement and assessment. Students will be introduced to the muscles online and palpate, stretch, strengthen and with specific muscles Kinesiotape in the classroom. Strong focus is placed on body assessment and integration of techniques to bring the soft tissue of the body into balance. This course provides students with the fundamental concepts and applications of kinesiology for massage practice. The class covers muscle identification, palpation and integration of stretching and strengthening. Some muscles have been chosen to integrate Kinesiotaping. This class emphasizes practical applications for hands on practice.
TMB103 – Spa Therapy/Aromatherapy - 20 hours (classroom)
In this 20 hour, onsite course, the student will explore various methods/modalities utilized in the spa setting to include and introduction to Hot Stone Therapy and certification requirements, aromatherapy applications and contraindications.  How to make your own sugar and salt scrubs.  Students will develop a signature session with custom made aromatherapy and experience specific oil blending methods.
TMB104 – Non-Traditional Therapies - 30 hours (classroom)
In this 30 hour onsite course, students will have the opportunity to explore Eastern theory as well as Asian bodywork therapy. The student will have foundation knowledge for understanding and applying Asian bodywork therapies based on traditional Asian medicine, including Chinese meridian and acupoint theory. The student will gain insight into the philosophical and historical background of Asian bodywork therapy and the essential differences between Western and Eastern methods. Students will learn an Acupressure Massage Integration application and be introduced to Shiatsu. Reiki and Polarity theory will also be introduced in this class.
TMB105 – Massage Therapy Application for Special Populations & Pathologies - 60 hours (classroom)

In this 60 hour, onsite course, students focus on addressing populations utilizing techniques and sequences with special consideration for prenatal/postnatal/infant, geriatric massage as well as working with the terminally ill and dying. Students will learn specific techniques and follow strict guidelines to address the health and well-being of each of these special populations.
The pathologies section of this class will prepare the student to work with conditions such as: Hyperkyphosis, tension headaches, thoracic outlet syndrome, carpal tunnel syndrome, hyperlordosis, piriformis syndrome, patellofemoral syndrome,plantar fasciitis, strains and sprains. Students will demonstrate an understanding of signs and symptoms, causes and contributing factors, contraindications and special considerations when working with these pathologies. A complete health history, postural assessment, palpation, condition specific massage and self-care is addressed in this course.

TMB106 – Deep Tissue: TP, MFR, NMT, Sports Massage - 60 hours (classroom)
This is a 60 hour, onsite course, with a strong focus on contemporary massage and bodywork. Students will gain experience with some of the most popularized clinical massage therapy techniques. Study includes the history, theory, and basic techniques in the forms of Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release, CranioSacral Therapy, Neuromuscular Therapy, Sports Massage,Hydrotherapy and Lymphatic facilitation. This builds on the skills students have developed in their foundational massage therapy course, integrating anatomy, physiology and pathology into an integrated session utilizing assessment skills, TP therapy, MFR, NMT, or Sports Massage techniques to create balance within the musculoskeletal system.
TMB107 – Career Development - 30 hours (classroom)
This 30 hour, onsite course, supports and builds upon our online Business and Ethics of Massage Therapy course. In this students will learn seated corporate massage, marketing techniques, business planning and resume/interviewing skills. Special focus and requirement in identifying human trafficking conditions and appropriate reporting.
TMB108 – Student Massage Therapy Clinic - 40 hours (classroom)
This 40 hour course gives students the opportunity to demonstrate and build upon entry level massage therapy skills. Students are required to perform 40 hours of onsite massage therapy for the public at their campus location. Students will do a variation of 1 hour to 1.5 hour sessions and be responsible for marketing themselves, client assessment, documentation and accountability to client survey results. These hours are pre-scheduled with campus director or lead instructor outside of their onsite day or evening scheduled classes.


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